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Image description: Two arm chairs and a love seat surround a children's play mat with a monkey and owl decal on the wall. This is the waiting area for children participating in the language study. 

Language and Reading Study for Children

We are conducting a study and language and reading for children in Kindergarten through the 6th grades. Deaf children who learned ASL from their parents and hearing children who only speak English are welcome to participate! This study uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) neuroimaging, a non-invasive technology that uses harmless light to track brain activity, while children perform simple language and reading tasks on a computer. If your child is deaf and knows ASL or is hearing and only knows English, your child may be eligible to participate! The study takes about an hour and you will be compensated $20/hour for your child's time and your travel to and from the lab.

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