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Image description: Baby doll wearing the fNIRS cap used in LENS studies.

Language Study for Infants

If your child is younger than 2 years old, you can participate in our research study which aims to improve our understanding of how the brain learns language in early life. This research project aims to improve our understanding of the brain's sensitivity to language in early life by learning more about how the infant brain learns language.

We need to study a variety of different experiences with language (for example, learning spoken or a signed language and being deaf or hearing and having hearing aids or cochlear implants.) We are actively looking for infants who fit ANY of the following criteria:

1) currently have or will receive cochlear implants.
2) deaf
3) no hearing loss

By studying these various experiences we can help practitioners, like audiologists and educators, understand what the infant brain is sensitive to and what the infant brain needs to best learn and develop. We hope you can help us advance knowledge and improve the quality of life of other children, please contact us for any questions or to participate in our studies!

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